The only reason why I’m happy amber will likely go home is that she won’t be stuck in jury with Caleb.

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how to avoid talking about something in the Big Brother house

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Frankie went to the grand opening of the wizarding world of harry potter. I was at the grand opening of the wizarding world of harry potter. What WHAT

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Can Team America reveal themselves and still collect money? If yes, I wonder if Donny would tell people about it to make Frankie and derrick look bad..

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Hayden&Nicole | 7/15 #1

Jocasta tells Hayden that Nicole really likes him. Hayden plays dumb.

Victoria just said she felt bad for Aaryn too…

So I’m curious to see if she gets the same heat Nicole got about that.

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You can tell Caleb would be the person to watch (500) Days of Summer and think Zooey Deschanel’s character was a bitch for not being in love with Joseph’s character. 


sometimes zach just needs to get slapped lmao