At the finale the biggest twist for all the houseguests to hear will be that Joey was the first person voted into Team America..

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how is nobody talking about nicole’s talk tonight?! she addresses a lot of shit that people have written about tonight.

"Nicole long convo to self at 9:27 BBT: "I need to man up, man. Quit bein weak. It’s just weird being back in this house. I got a 2nd chance and I…



Jon Stewart Goes After Fox in Powerful Ferguson Monologue

I been waiting for the daily show to come back so they could cover this

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I had a dream that in the twistiest twisted twist of a summer this is, that Victoria is actually a retired world superspy, and has been fooling everyone this whole season. She revealed that she had been playing Derrick this whole time, and it was literally the greatest thing to ever witness when it was revealed to everyone.

le sighhhhh. if only.

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Footage of Cody calling people out

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God I hope Nicole hasn’t convinced Hayden Derrick is trustworthy

I am also worried about this. Or that she’ll get him to target Christine. It’s not that I don’t want Christine to go, but I just want Derrick out first. I want hayden to blow his game up and then we’d finally see something exciting.

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The best thing about Donny winning botb???

Frankie doesn’t get to compete in the next HOH.

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I don’t want Frankie out this week because I don’t want him to get a chance to come back in. Especially if it’s an endurance competition.

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